"Expecto Pa-Truman!"

Truman accompanied me to the festivities at our local Borders bookstore last night in celebration of the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (for those of you who’ve been living under a rock or in an experimental underground Bio-Dome for the last year or so, that’s the long-awaited final book in the record-breakingly popular series). Most bookstores in town were hosting parties replete with games and trivia contests and spelling bees, crafts and photo ops and themed goodies. I could not resist asking for a photo with these three little wizards, who stole the show at the costume contest.

I have come to the conclusion that my patronus, were I to conjure one, would be a decidedly ungraceful silver Labrador puppy, in full butt-tuck-and-run shuffle mode.

The final book is 784 pages long. Needless to say, Truman and I will be too busy to blog for a few days. Happy reading, fellow Potter fans!

9 responses to “"Expecto Pa-Truman!"

  1. What’s that gold/brass gizmo at the end of his check chain, where the leash buckles on? Just curious.

  2. Woooohooo!!!! Those three little wizards are great, especially little Ron. 🙂 Have fun reading! I’m SO eagerly waiting for mine to come in the mail at any time today. 🙂

  3. Julia — the color is a trick of the light. That’s just the other end of his chain; rather than a ring on each end, which forces you to slip the collar on over his head, it’s a toggle-chain with a ring on one end and that “toggle” or “whale tail” on the other, which enables you to slip one end through the other without having to go over the head and ears. Makes for a better fit, especially with broad-headed dogs like some Labs! They’re made by Herm-Sprenger, and you can buy them over the Internet. VERY handy….

  4. I am going to kill my sister-she ran off with the book and locked herself in the bathroom (since her own room does not have a lock)Cute pic of the Trumeister and the little wizards! By the way, experimental underground Bio-Dome? I wish I had your brain.

  5. Juneau and Geisha want to know why Truman wasn’t forced to wear a wizard hat like them.Sam (Harry), Geisha (Ron), and Juneau (Hermione)

  6. Have a terrific read. Those kids are so cute, especially Ron…

  7. Cute kids, cute pup! Have a good read!

  8. Mr. Truman, AKA Voldemoof, looked very happy to be there. We didn’t even try to go the night before and we were on Catalina all the next day. Still, the book is brilliant! We stopped neglecting the blog, by the way, several new posts are up (I was feeling guilty!)Tai (AKA the Dark Lord) sends his magic to his brother in Slytherin!

  9. Oh my goodness! I love the little wizards! They really look like a little Harry, Ron, and Hermoine.I just finished my book but I could not go to a party ( I was out of town) I would have had VIP treatment also consdiering my friend works at our local B Dalton’s. Oops, I forgot to introduce my self. I am a first time puppy raiser for KSDS, a Guide/Service/Social dog school in Kansas. Cobra is a 14 month old black Lab and He has taught me all about this puppy raising stuff. 🙂

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