Finally, He’s Tired…

…and it only took four hours of running with ten other dogs.

Last night was Paige’s last freestyle back yard romp with her buddies before turn-in for formal training. I’ll leave the details of the story for Matt & Amy to tell, but I will say that it was a joyous gathering of friends and puppies — our count at the peak of the evening was eight Labs, two goldendoodles and a goldador. Glorious chaos!

We wish the best of luck to delightful, cuddly, snorty, lovable miss Paige as she embarks on “Paige One” of the next chapter of her life. May she prove to be the top of her class, just as she is always at the top of the dog pile for the water dish….

We love you, Paiges.

4 responses to “Finally, He’s Tired…

  1. Goldendoodles eh? related to a certain chandler man? Good luck Paige, we’re all hoping you do well! And Truman, good boy for being tired! Maybe I’ll have Camry send over some of her laziness to you guys, Jenny. She’s been SO lazy lately, she won’t even thoroughly enjoy outings!

  2. Whether, it be in NJ or CA, it is always difficult to return one of “our” pups. I do it with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. Have you read, “Through Otis’ Eyes” by Patricia Burlin Kennedy? It is a wonderful little book. I think all puppy raisers should read it. “Lessons of my past guide me to my future.” It sounds like Paige had a wonderful send off. Trish and Willow

  3. Joanna…do not speak of your lazy dog. I might have to smack you. 🙂 And yes, the goodles!! Carlee and Cyrus, sis & bro to the fabulous Chandler-man, in all their curly splendor!Trish & Willow — I haven’t read that book; I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Well now that the key to a tired Truman has been discovered, it should be no problem to gather ten dogs and a few spare hours to tire him out anytime right? :PGood luck in school Paige we’ll be thinking of you!

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