The Many Faces of Truman

September 7 — I’m telling you, if this dog decides guide work isn’t for him, he’s got a job waiting in Hollywood:

You may have noticed I just put up about 15 posts…that means I’m mostly caught up! Anyway, this should hold you for a bit while I’m out of town and Truman is up at “Camp GDA” having his first evaluation. Wish us luck!

12 responses to “The Many Faces of Truman

  1. You are so right – what a handsome fella.

  2. Wahoo – thanks for all those wonderful posts. Just the thing I needed to break up some very boring physiology readings.

  3. Good luck to Truman for his eval, and have a good trip! đŸ™‚

  4. Yes, extremely cute. But I can’t help but think he’s just about to explode into mischief at any moment. One can almost see the wheels turning in his head. :-)The FleasGang

  5. Good Luck Truman.Love the Faces. A star indeed

  6. fleasgang: yes, those particular wheels are always turning. ALWAYS.

  7. Truman, have fun at camp and good luck on your evaluation…

  8. What a beautiful dog Truman is. It’s fantastic that you raise these dogs for such a great cause. You’re awesome!Woof!

  9. Just saw you and Truman at Ronnie’s. I should have said something.

  10. WEIRD, Barry! Yeah, you should have!

  11. How did he do on his eval?? I can’t believe he’s old enough for it!!! Is it just me, or has this year FLOWN by??

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