A Zamboni Is Not a Fancy Dog Biscuit

Truman and Tai attended their first Kings game this evening. Here they are with us outside Staples Center, putting on their game faces (and their Terminator eyeballs).

I hadn’t been to a hockey game since the unfortunate demise of the Long Beach Ice Dogs, who had always been gracious and welcoming when the South Bay group brought a sizeable contingent of four-legged fans to an annual outing. So I was thrilled to “suit up” in a borrowed jersey from Matt and Amy (even though it rendered me and my fifty-eight bulky I-am-a-wuss-in-the-cold clothing layers a bit too reminiscent of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man). Because how can you not show a little team spirit when you are sitting…NEXT TO THE BENCH AND FOUR ROWS FROM THE ICE?!?!?

No joke, we were this close, thanks to a friend and fellow puppy raiser who works for the venue and had some unused company seats to spare. Close enough to hear the skates on the ice. Close enough to see the blood when one dude’s face got skated on. Close enough to read more than the jersey numbers of the superstars. What’s up, Cammy!

Our proximity meant that the experience would be all the louder for the pups. It was a good test. Truman has been in crowds before, but not for this sustained amount of time and intensity. The first time or two that the puck (or the people) smacked the wall in front of our section, Truman sat up to investigate, but he settled in after that. He didn’t seem to be bothered by the cheering, the music, the lights, the people chanting “Oilers suck! Oilers suck!”…but what would happen when the Kings scored?

A really loud *horn* is what would happen when the Kings scored. And Tai was not too pleased about it, sounding as it did like an oncoming train. Again, Truman was startled the first time. But luckily, the Kings gave us plenty of opportunity to practice (sorry, Edmonton!)…by the third and fourth goal, Truman just lifted his head for a second then went right back to his nap on the nice cool floor.

The boys were very well-behaved and impressive overall, and of course garnered the usual attention from nearby fans and event staff alike. Our handsome lads attracted more “hockey ho’s” than the players did.

We celebrated the 4-1 win by heading back to Matt & Amy’s house for sports report highlights and some delicious forbidden cat food.

Okay, that last part was just Truman. I guess everyone’s got their game day traditions.

4 responses to “A Zamboni Is Not a Fancy Dog Biscuit

  1. YAY Truman, you did great! That was really close to the action. I think I might have jumped it someone’s head crashed into the glass. Sounds like a great time!

  2. He sounds like he is maturing very nicely – good for you!Uma learned that whenever she went to someone’s place who had a cat, she should first do a sweep of the house because cat food was invariably left out in a bowl somewhere. And she was right. Mmm, cat food.

  3. Four rows from the ice!!!! LUCKY 🙂 I love going to hockey games, they’re always insanely fun.Glad you and the Trumanator had a good time 🙂

  4. Lisa – Yes, the only way we could have been closer was to strap some skates on Truman and Tai & send ’em out on a power play. :)Julia – LOL! These dogs are so smart, it amazes me.Nat – I knew you’d be jealous! 😉

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