Happy Halloween!

Before I run out to my humans-only costume dance and leave Truman to his well deserved nap in our quiet apartment, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you how very well he did on a walk through our neighborhood this evening. I didn’t take photos because I wanted both hands free, so…sorry about that.

But Truman has impressed our entire neighborhood! After dinner, just as the sun was dipping into the Pacific, I leashed him up and took him to see all the cute little kids in costume and to find out how he would react to strange sights and sounds. He was shrieked at by random sound effects emanating from overly decorated houses, offered bites of candy by well meaning princesses, and assaulted by toddlers dressed as cows. He maintained composure for the most part (though the minuscule bovine WAS a little scary), sitting when asked and greeting nicely. The only thing he really wanted a piece of was a yappy little “Toto” dog who accompanied a teenaged Dorothy — and I’m sure that was more about playtime than about anything serious.

Everyone who walked past us told him how very handsome he is, and told me how very well behaved he is. We met neighbors, we had a nice walk, we enjoyed the festive decor, and we even benefited from the generosity of people who recognized us from our daily strolls. I got a candy bar from a nice man with a table set up outside his house (who, incidentally, once adopted a career-changed German Shepherd from GDA), and Truman scored a huge dog biscuit from the couple down the street who see us walk past their house on a regular basis. Maybe next year we’ll wear costumes….

3 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Yay! Halloween can be tough on dogs. I am so proud of you.

  2. WOW – that’s awesome. What a great boy! Go Truman.

  3. Yay Truman!!! what a good little man!! Camry and I had a similar experience on halloween. I took her to the outlet mall just to work on not sniffing/picking up eveery single thing in sight, and lo and behold, toooons of little kiddies all dressed up as their favorite super hero,dropping candy, offering some to Camry. Much better exposure than I thought!! Kiss Truman for me, he’s a good boy!!

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