Puppy Birthday to Yooooooou

Truman is one year old today! To celebrate, I’m walking him down the street to the fancy dog wash, where they will undoubtedly lavish him with cookies and affection; taking him to our monthly puppy raiser meeting tonight; and giving him a present that I thought would be perfect for the occasion.

Do you remember Truman’s favorite carrot?



I found another one, in a more big-dog-appropriate size:

Happy Birthday, Roo!

10 responses to “Puppy Birthday to Yooooooou

  1. Happy Birthday Truman love the new carrot

  2. Happy Birthday Truman!!! Love the pictures, you’re such a cutie patootie hahaha

  3. Happy birthday! It made me laugh to see him in the third photo with the extra BIG carrot!You might want to go check out the last two comments at the last post at Puppywalking…

  4. Yay!!!! Happy birthday, little Roo!!

  5. The carrot is terrific but look at that handsome new collar! Happy first Birthday, wags and licks,


  7. Thanks, everyone! It was a good birthday, and Truman is now sleeping blissfully.P.S. Julia — that’s wonderful! 🙂

  8. Happy belated Birthday to Truman!He’s a beautiful dog.BTW that carrot would’ve been toast at our house at the paws of Elke, a.k.a. Beelzepub, the Devil Dog.

  9. I just found your blog. Oh my goodness, Truman is SO CUTE!!! I have 2 labs. :)~Stacihttp://www.just4labs.blogspot.com

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