TrumanVision: Old Carrot, New Carrot

7 responses to “TrumanVision: Old Carrot, New Carrot

  1. i’m surprised the little carrot has lasted this long!! tyanna destroyed all of her original puppy toys when her big girl teeth came in!!

  2. Umm, since when did he get SO big????

  3. lol ha ha ha I love it! He is sooo cute I can totally see the 6 lb puppy inside the 60lb big boy!Happy birthday Truman

  4. LOL Too cute! Happy Birthday Truman.

  5. That’s adorable! I love that his old toy lasted so long and he still prefers it over the new one. That’s some serious toy loyalty.

  6. Wow truman you’re BIG! You remind me of Banner my big boy cousin who lives in Tennessee. He’s a yellow lab like you!Your mom-in-training must be pretty special!! She trains you guys and then gives you to a human who needs you-that must be hard for her!!Velcro

  7. You’re a waaaay better dog trainer than I. Our Elke is into chewing big time. We thought she outgrew it, but all of a sudden, she’s chewing expensive stuff. We’re at our wits’ end.

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