TrumanVision: Hot Day at GDA

May 17, 2008 — GDA is located in Sylmar, which is also known as Blistering UV RayTown. Some days, like this particular Saturday, it’s so hot that it’s just cruel and unusual punishment to do any obedience work with the dogs up there. So in lieu of the usual monthly puppy classes, the trainers broke out the wading pools in the dog run and had us observe our pups’ play behavior.

At first, Truman didn’t think much of getting into the water, preferring instead to run around the pools with a toy in his mouth, trying to get the other dogs to take the bait and tug with him. But after a while, the siren song of happy canine splashing was too much to resist, and he joined Camry and Blitz and the rest of the dogs in their jolly water sports.

I’m not sure if he was thirsty here, or just trying to show the water who was boss by digging in it and biting the splashes.

3 responses to “TrumanVision: Hot Day at GDA

  1. aw… a puppy pool party! That looks like great fun

  2. They ALL look like they are having fun!

  3. I love to watch them playing in the water. My guys dig in it too. What’s with that?

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