Shuffles the Clown vs. the Humpopotamus

Wolf and I are puppysitting little Bronx this weekend; he will be eleven weeks old on Saturday.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a furball this young in my care, Wolf has never had the joyous experience of puppy-induced sleep deprivation, and Truman hasn’t had a canine playmate in a while, so we thought it would be a nice way to spend the holiday weekend.

Bronx is a mellow little guy. A champ at sitting, patient with food and water, cuddly and affectionate, excellent recall skills. A good boy, an “easy” puppy.

It will come as no surprise to long-time readers that MY dog-in-residence — Truman, otherwise known as Dingus McFreaktown — is the one causing all the chaos. They’ve done nothing but play and wrestle and squeak and chew and slobber and run in circles and follow each other around since Bronx got here last night. I’ve had to put the little man in the kennel a few times, just to give him a break from the Yellow Instigator.

Funniest thing? In just twelve hours’ time — including several hours of sleeping last night — Bronx has done *eleven* Labrador shuffles. Full butt-tuck-and-run, crazy-circle, energy burst shuffles. Indoors. Amazing.

And Truman is very excited to finally be the alpha dog over someone else. Unfortunately, this means that when I haven’t been busy getting up to take the little dog outside to pee, I’ve been busy getting up to pull the big dog off the little one.

I…won’t post a photo of that. But we’re going to take pictures of them sometime this weekend, and hopefully post those soon. Assuming we can get them to stop moving long enough to focus the camera.

6 responses to “Shuffles the Clown vs. the Humpopotamus

  1. Pretty sure my favorite part of this post is the title. And yes, let's see some pictures! 🙂

  2. missed your blogging! glad you are back!

  3. Sounds like an exciting weekend. You always have the best post titles!

  4. Just dropped by to say hi. Haven't heard from you in a long while.

  5. Sorry for the long periods of silence, everybody! Been a busy time, getting settled into married life and a new home….Thanks for your patience!

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