Truman’s Last Puppy Meeting

Another post in my continuing “Days of Yore” series, catching up on long-overdue photos of Truman’s final days as a puppy-in-training…

July 14, 2008 — Truman’s Last Puppy Meeting

The monthly puppy raiser group meeting is always fun…until it’s your dog’s last meeting. Then it’s just one more thing in a long line of “lasts” before turn-in. The second-worst moment is when you stand up in front of everyone to say a few words about what it’s been like raising this dog, and receive the goodbye gifts from your group leaders (a treat for the dog, and some “turn-in tonic” for the humans).

The worst moment is when the meeting ends and people come up to pet your dog one last time and wish him good luck. And then you leave. And it sucks. And you are one “last” closer to the day you both welcome and dread.

Holy crap, I’m tearing up now just thinking about it, and I don’t even have a dog in training right now!

Anyway, since I have the luxury of posting about this moment a whole two years after it happened, I’ll share a photo of something fun instead. In the few minutes between the obedience and announcements portions of Truman’s last meeting, I hurriedly attempted to get a few shots of Truman with his brother Tai and a few of the other dogs. The waning daylight and the limitations of my camera came together to produce the perfect “Dogs with Terminator Eyeballs” shot:

One response to “Truman’s Last Puppy Meeting

  1. Personally….I think that Roo was just destined to be yours.oooor you were destined to be his human. He probably faked the whole mystery dysplasia thing so he could come back.

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