Jethro’s Office

Since the pack leader is headed for Pennsylvania in a few days, it’s time for Jethro to start coming to the office with me. Truman started accompanying me to the nonprofit where I work when he was a mere 8 weeks old, but I was single back then and had no in-home backup. We had no choice. It’s been quite nice to not have to risk overwhelming the little guy or exposing him to nasty diseases (I work in a fairly dogs-aplenty part of town), and it’s been even nicer to know that the person in charge of him at home is trustworthy. We love our pack leader, and will miss him.

Jethro did pretty well on day one, and settled quickly into his “corner office” under my desk. Who wouldn’t? I’ve had days where *I* wanted to settle into his comfy-looking corner office.

See? No problem. Water in reach, a nice fluffy bed, and a dinosaur to chew on.

Though it may look sparse, believe me, there’s a basket full of dog toys on a shelf just out of frame. He will not be bored at work. I will, however, have to get him used to not freaking out when I put him on tie-down and walk away for a minute.

3 responses to “Jethro’s Office

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    Rufus had a water bowl and toys in Hubby’s office in FL. Nothing like that where he works now though. Hubs only has a cube, without any spare room.

  2. This was all in my cube…I just had a pretty good sized L-shaped desk. It worked out just fine, since he was on tie-down most of the time anyway. My co-workers used to chuckle when they’d walk by and spy a paw, or a tail, or an ear sticking out from under the desk.

  3. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    He doesn’t even have room under his desk, since he has to store parts and stuff under there. ‘Course, Hubs isn’t known for his sterling organizational skills, either. It’s okay, I make up for it.

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