Neuter is Cuter

The poor little man got “The Big Snip” today.

Apparently, Tuesday is spay & neuter time at GDA, which I’m guessing is because we have a veterinarian in residence on that day of the week. They did procedures on several dogs today. When I picked up Jethro at 3:30pm, the vet department head told me that my little fella was the last done, but the first up. She said she caught him out of the corner of her eye as he wandered out of the wake-up area and into the hallway, figuring it was time to go home.

She also said they’d poked gentle fun at him because he had such tiny…equipment. They called him “Lima Beans.” Oh, the indignity!

But the procedure really is easier on the dogs when they’re younger. And since he’s going to move with us in March, it made sense for the school to do it now.

He has some very neat “invisible sutures,” which is handy because they don’t require a re-check for removal. And his extra-long nose necessitated a larger e-collar (yes yes, the “cone of shame”). Meanwhile, I’m supposed to keep him from “running, jumping and playing” for 14 days, and I’m not supposed to take him for long walks, either. (I will need some stronger pain meds, then. Possibly for me). The boy will learn to love his crate and x-pen, that’s for sure! And I’ll have to do something to keep Instigator-Dog Truman busy (pain meds for everyone, I say!)….

A few days before the procedure, his Amy visited us and declared solemnly upon her departure, “Bye, Jethro. Next time I see you, you’ll no longer be a man.” Then she turned to me and said, “It’s like a reverse bar mitzvah.” And she thinks she’s not funny….

It is night one of post-op puppy with activity restriction. Wish us luck.

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