When You Least Expect It…Expect It

Truman turned four years old (!) while Wolf and I were in Pennsylvania. I was assured by his puppysitters that he got birthday hugs and kisses on our behalf (if you’re not going to give him a steak or a jar of peanut butter or something, that’s all he really wants as a gift). Because the blog has been mostly devoted to Jethro lately, I wanted to pay a little tribute to my Grumpus. I bring you:

Great moments in Truman’s sneak attack history!

The thing is, he’s not a “kissy” dog, the way Jethro is. Jethro will lick your face off if you let him; Truman will usually go nose to nose with you for a full thirty seconds before deciding if you are worthy of his patented One Gentle Slurp on the Nose maneuver. But sometimes, when he’s really excited and you’re not expecting it, the slurp is fast and furious.

He does love to give scalp massages, but that’s a post for another time.

Happy Birthday, Roo!

5 responses to “When You Least Expect It…Expect It

  1. Happy Birfday Roo!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Truman!

  3. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    Happy Birthday, Truman!

    Rufus likes to flea us all over our faces, ears, and scalps. It feels funny. 🙂 Abby isn’t much of a kisser, either, but when she gets you, she gets you good. Yuck.

  4. Happy Birthday to the Tru Man. I feel as though I know him even though it is only a blogwise sense.

    Our German shepherd female (102+ lbs) isn’t overly affectionate, but our Dobermann (55+ lbs) is very much so. She will leap into your lap with little provocation.

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