Very Sad News

I wanted to make this announcement myself, because I know some of you are likely to hear of it elsewhere, and I want to prevent the scuttlebutt from getting around before the truth does. Please bear with me and read this entire post before you form any opinions.

Unfortunately, GDA has reversed the decision to allow us to finish Jethro’s puppy training in Pennsylvania. He will be re-homed upon our move in March.

Of course, I am heartbroken.

I appealed to the decision maker respectfully and to the best of my ability, but there is nothing further I can do. I will comply with the mandate and try to make the best of things as I enjoy the time I have left with Jethro. We will spend that time as we would have spent it before: training, obedience, puppy raiser meetings, house manners, outings for socialization and public exposure. There is still a goal ahead of us, and I will continue to pursue it with him even though I won’t be the one beside him when he achieves it.

There are no further details at this time, and I respectfully ask those of you connected with GDA to not let this become grist for the rumor mill. I absolutely do not want there to be any unpleasant ramifications for the puppy department staffers, whom I hold in high regard.

Regardless of my personal opinions about these circumstances, I still maintain that GDA runs an excellent program, both for their volunteers and their visually impaired constituents. The dogs are top-notch. The program staff is amazing. People benefit from the life-changing mission of the organization.

Jethro and I appreciate your friendship, encouragement and discretion.

16 responses to “Very Sad News

  1. *hugs* So very sorry to hear this disappointing news. 😦

  2. That’s sad, sorry to hear that. But, I’m sure they had a good reason.

  3. Oh no…! I’m so sorry! I suppose its for the best in some way, but it doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier. Poop!

  4. Jenny, I feel for you. But, I was initially surprised that they would allow you to move across the country with Jethro. So I am not surprised that they changed their mind. However! I am sure there will be opportunities for you to raise a service dog in PA? If you Google it, there are lots of hits. Take heart!

  5. Just to clarify, the original decision maker is not the person who brought about the reversal, and no good reasons were given other than ones for which provisions had already been made. Anything further I say might only come back to bite the people I respect, so this is as far as I’m going.

    Thanks, everyone, for your support. Let’s just move on.

  6. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    What a disappointment. Not surprising, but still. I know you’ll pack these last couple months with Jethro full of fun times.

    I hope you’ll become a PW/PR for an East coast school once you’re settled in PA. Any school would be blessed to have you raise pups for them.

    • Thanks, Kimberly. I did hope to eventually raise puppies for The Seeing Eye, because they have a group in the southeastern PA area. We’ll see what happens after we get settled in.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that, but mostly I feel sorry for Jethro being ripped from his loving family.

    • Thanks, cube. He’ll be okay, though. These little guys are pretty resilient; in the course of their training they go from mom & littermates, to puppy raisers, to kennel and training staff, to their new partners, and they seem to do just fine. I also know that he’s going to some terrific puppy raisers (and good friends) who will love him very much and do right by both of us.

  8. I’m so sorry! I’m a puppy raiser and long-time reader of your blog, and I know how heart-wrenching this must be.

    As a puppy raiser on the East Coast who has raised for two different organizations, I would caution you against raising for TSE. They have quite a reputation for their harsh training tactics and you’re never allowed to make contact with, never mind meet, your pup’s future partner. I think the Guide Dog Foundation might have a region near you, or perhaps you can piggy back with one of Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s Maryland or Delaware regions. As someone very involved and familiar with multiple organizations, including TSE, (but not paid by or having a vested interest in any!) I sincerely feel obligated to warn against TSE.

    Whichever route you take, I hope your time with Jethro is full of enough snuggles and hugs to last a lifetime, and I hope you’ll find another positive puppy raising experience on this side of the country!

    • Thank you, Sarah. We’ll see how things go once we’re settled in.

      And thank you for being a long-time reader! I’m hoping to keep the blog going as best I can, even if I’m not raising for a while. Truman still has a lot to say to his fans. 🙂

  9. 😦 I know how it is to say goodbye to a dog way before you originally thought. I’m sorry, Jenny. Hope you’re doing okay now.

  10. I wiill miss seeing cute little Jethro’s face and look forward to hearing how Truman (and you and Wolf) do on the East Coast.

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