Resurrected more times than Lazarus, the blog shall rise again!

It’s been six months to the day since we left Southern California for Pennsylvania, and while the events of my last entry took the wind out of my blogging sails for a while, I’m ready to come back.

I have a lot to tell you…the, er, three or four of you who are still out there reading, that is. Truman likes to think of you as his loyal fans.

Yes, there will be photos.

Stay tuned. (Do people even say that anymore?)

8 responses to “IT’S ALIIIIIIVE!

  1. Excellent!

  2. Has it been 6 months!? Amazing. Where does the time go? My poor sewing blog hasn’t had a post since May. To be fair, I have hardly sewed this summer. Now, I am busy taking two philosophy courses at one of our local universities, plus I am on two boards and I may have a magazine gig happening, if we ever get advertising revenue. Nevertheless, I bought some wool for a jacket and skirt at Darrell’s sidewalk sale last month and it is mocking me, up in my sewing room.

  3. No joke, as soon as I saw in Amber’s blogroll ( yes I still use her blogroll haha) that you had a post up, a little voice in my head went IT’S ALIIIIIVE! Then I saw it was the title, so that voice must have been yours 😛 Creeeeepy. So happy you’re posting again!! 🙂

  4. Hey stranger!! I love how you always turn up… Good to hear from you and Truman again. Count me as one of the fans.

  5. We’re still fans, too! We long to hear more news of Truman and any other Labrador puppies!
    -Lauren and Cooper the World’s Laziest Lab

  6. Aww…thanks, everybody!

    So I go and promise great things, then I’m silent again for days and days. I apologize. I’ve had a house guest this week, and I’ve got a short trip coming up that requires lots of preparation, but I’ll get a cold, wet nose back to the grindstone very soon.

    Hope everyone’s enjoying fall! If Pennsylvania weather continues to be this wet and annoying, I’ll have plenty of indoors time in which to catch up on my blogging….

  7. I have been waiting too! Excited to read the adventures. 🙂

  8. Willow (LW) wants to know when her beloved Truman is going to overcome his shyness and ask her out on a date. Now that he’s in PA it should make it a little easier to get them together.

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