Lucky Number Seven

Guide Dog Lomax, the “Number One Son” of my own personal Labrador story, turns seven years old today. SEVEN. That’s unthinkable to me. I’m assuming this is a taste of how parenthood feels (you know…parenting those *two*-legged beings, an experience I’ve yet to have). Does time really not accelerate? Because it sure does feel like it.

As far as I know, Lomax is still out there working with his partner, keeping her confident, independent and safe. And so is his equally SuperDog-like brother, Guide Dog Liam. Those are some handsome boys, and smart, too.

Happy birthday, fellas. We love you, miss you, think of you often, and are very proud of you.

2 responses to “Lucky Number Seven

  1. I started taking 2 philosophy classes at the local university this Fall and in the first class, noticed we had a classmate with a guide dog. I was pleased to be able to observe a guide dog in action, so to speak — although all he does is lie under the desk during the hour and a half class. I was shocked to discover that I completely forgot about this wonderful animal because he was so good and so unobtrusive. So in the last class, last Wednesday, I made a point to keep an eye on him. Guide dogs are amazing. They really are super dogs. What other dog will completely relax and disappear when not needed but be right there to help the owner the instant she gets up?

    There are over 100 students in this class. She sits right at the front for ease of access and her dog lies on the floor but out of the way of all the students who tromp by. I watched the dog watching the feet parade by him but he was quite detached from it all. I itch to go say hello and ask to admire her dog but of course, I don’t want to be a pain.

  2. Julia, isn’t it astounding? I’ve been involved in this thing for years now, and I’m still in awe when I see a working guide dog team.

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