Yellow Friday

I don’t do “Black Friday.” There’s just no sale good enough to get me to go out there and camp out, fight the crowds, push and shove…or get up and go shopping at three in the morning the day after Thanksgiving, especially now that I live somewhere that’s cold. My sanity and holiday cheer are worth more to me than the discounts! I mean, hey — if it’s something you enjoy, go for it. I’d rather stay home, and am happy to leave more space at Best Buy/Target/Wal-mart/Kohl’s for you.

But since we have one car right now (mine’s in the shop), and the pack leader is off work for the weekend, I wanted to make sure Sonny got out and about once today. So we went to Starbucks. A to-go order at a coffee house is a nice quick trip for a little dog (especially a little dog I have to carry everywhere because he doesn’t have all his shots yet). I got my peppermint mocha frappuccino, the pack leader got his strawberries & creme, and Sonny got more practice in the car and in his tiny yellow puppy jacket as well as exposure to a venue with interesting sounds and delightful smells.

And since he’s only slept through the night once in this past week, I was also more than happy for the caffeine.

Now we’re back home, feeling pretty good about the fact that this “weekend” is only half over. The pack leader and I are working on our own projects, sleepy Sonny is taking a pre-dinner nap, and Truman is hard at work being handsome, as always. Happy Yellow Friday!

2 responses to “Yellow Friday

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    Dumb question here: what age do the pups finish getting shots, so you don’t have to carry them any longer? Abby is 55 lbs and when I have to lift her (infrequently, thank the Lord) it’s tough.

  2. Not a dumb question at all. Typically, the rabies shot is given at 16 weeks, and that’s when they become “street legal.” With the horrible Parvo strains that have been on the West Coast lately, though, GDA was actually being extra careful in asking us to wait until the 20-week booster to really let the puppies go everywhere.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean carry them even inside stores, where you’re unlikely to encounter other dogs (though you would NOT take a little pre-vaccinated pup into a pet store). I have carried Sonny so far mostly because I just wanted him to feel secure. Even though our outings have been pretty low-key, it is Christmas season and it seems like everything’s more crowded than usual.

    I cannot imagine picking up a 55-pound dog. Looks like those workouts are doing you good! 🙂

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