Working Like a Dog

This is why passing co-workers often snicker.


8 responses to “Working Like a Dog

  1. It does give new meaning to the old expression. He is surely the character.

  2. Truman! MY EYES!!!!!Just kidding…you are still a very handsome pup even when in…compromising positions 😉

  3. ROFL! Truman is helping everyone keep their stress levels down. 🙂

  4. Now that’s a stress reliever! No wonder he’s a hit around the office!

  5. Some might say we are lazy, I would say we just know how to unwind!!-SamSam the Boxador

  6. he he he! how could you not help but love him! Cute! The office isn’t at all stressful for him I take it.

  7. So… Matt Damon is a cutie but he is no Truman! 🙂 LW

  8. Aw, how cute. It reminds me of my home office. There are dogs and cats scattered all over my place too. It’s all good until the farting starts 😉

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